6 best jobs you can do from home

With a majority government and Brexit deal now more likely than ever, the economic outlook seems to be the most positive in a long time. As unemployment numbers are decreasing and consumer confidence is rising, happy days are coming again here.

With more of us working fewer hours and increasing wages, there was not a better time to run a home business in our spare time. Whether it is to increase your monthly budget or simply to follow your true passion and hobby – we have compiled a short list of the 6 best side businesses that you can easily set up from home.

certified translation

If you are able to speak 2 languages ​​fluently, then providing certified translation services can be a truly rewarding business with great growth potential. UK based companies regularly expand into overseas markets and as a result they should contact their potential customers in the native language of the country – this is where you come in.

Being able to provide an officially certified translation is a legal process, and therefore to be able to do so, you must complete a professional qualification from a recognized body such as a translator and interpreter or a chartered institution of linguistic institutions.

A major benefit of working as a recognized linguist is the fact that you will be able to partner with some of the world’s largest businesses and organizations, which often require certified translations during their international campaigns. This should definitely make the work interesting!

website design

Although this field becomes more and more competitive as specialized programs are now becoming more and more mainstream, if you have a good eye for understanding design and user-interface, you will be able to create stunning and user-friendly websites, which Can be a very profitable business.

In the beginning, it may be a good idea for companies in a wide variety of business sectors to build websites and specialize in growing your process.

Cleaning service

The UK cleaning market is worth over £ 12bn and over 3 million families regularly spend money for this service. If you like to keep things spotless and have a great eye for detail, then setting up a cleaning business can be a great way to start your own empire.


There are actually some simpler ways to make money than babysitting. If you know any parent who is desperate for a night out from time to time – you can easily make a few extra pounds every month. There are many websites where you can find people in your area needing a babysitter, and their details keep in mind the need for your services in the future!

data entry

Although not the most thrilling of businesses, data entry can be a very stable source of income. As a rule of thumb, you are paid for the number of entries you have completed, which means that it is a very flexible job, which allows you to move back and forth depending on your current financial needs. Allows


Do you really love and being able to get paid for it is everyone’s dream. The nature of working as a florist or setting up your shop will allow you to cater to the local audience. With a huge potential for business growth, owning a flower shop can prove to be a very profitable business move.

Own market

Regardless of the job you want to do or the business you set up – in today’s competitive world, it is not necessary to market yourself to stand out from the crowd.

Creating business content such as brochures or business cards can be extremely beneficial for acquiring new business partners and customers. Running social media platforms and advertising campaigns can be a really great place to reach new markets that you might not see otherwise.

However, the most important aspect of keeping your brand out is to make sure that you have your own website where potential customers can read about you, your products and services, and if possible, order online.

As you can see, there are a lot of jobs you can do and businesses you can set up from your home. Some require a little more planning, such as certified translation, while others, such as babysitting or data entry, are quite easy to start. Whichever job you choose will be a great source of secondary income, and who knows, if you manage to grow your business, it can become your full-time job.


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