Your ultimate guide to YouTube monetization

You love YouTubing. You like making videos. But you do it as a hobby, don’t you? You do not make any money with your YouTube videos. If you have enough followers and subscribers, you can start monetizing your videos and eventually make money from your efforts.

How much money do youtubers make? It generated between $ 100,000 and $ 130,000 in YouTuber YouTube advertising revenue. While other expenses include, such as video production and paying for an editor, you can broadcast your YouTube video live.

But first, you need to know how to monetize your video. Here is your guide to YouTube monetization.

Who can monetize their video?

Just because you uploaded your first YouTube video, does not mean that you can monetize your video. When you hit 4,000 watched hours a year and get 1,000 subscribers, you can start monetizing your videos.

How do you see this information? Your subscriber sign appears on your channel and each individual video. You can check the time of your watch by clicking on “Channel Analytics”. The clock time image will appear on the graph.

How to enable monetization

If you qualify for monetization, you must enable ads before you start earning revenue. Here’s how to make money from YouTube.

Sign in to your YouTube account and login to YouTube Studio.
Look at the left sidebar. You will see the Demonetization section (also expressed as a dollar sign).
The YouTube Partner Program Rules document will appear. Read the document and agree to the terms.
Set your monetization preferences.
YouTube provides additional tools for YouTube advertising partners. For example, you can see the monthly estimated revenue chart. YouTube predicts how much money you can make from your channel. Use it as a goal to create more.

What to know before monetizing your YouTube videos

There are some best practices to know before you start generating advertising revenue. Here you should know about YouTube monetization.

Use any copyrighted material

To monetize your YouTube videos, you may not use any copyrighted material. It includes music and someone else’s voice narration. Always use your statement. If you want to use music, YouTube offers a music library.

Brand yourself

There are two main focus areas that will skyrocket the success of your channel: quality content and branding. Every YouTuber knows that they should only release high-quality content. But what about branding?

Branding includes identifiable characteristics of your channel. This includes your logo, the same CTA you use, and even your unique personality.

See yourself as a brand and take steps towards smart branding. Practice your on-camera personality. Create your YouTube logo. Use an attractive CTA in every video.

Be patient

How much does YouTube pay? It all depends on your popularity and viewership. And you won’t see big dollar signs right away.

Be patient Focus on creating high quality content.

Your videos may not perform properly right now and will not generate much revenue. Do not discourage him. It takes a lot of time and energy to host a YouTube channel. Focus more on creating the best content and speed up your video before making money.

Make money using YouTube monetization

Now that you’ve understood YouTube demonetization, are you unsure of the type of video you should make? Here are some video types that can work with your brand.

Use the right tools

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